It’s no secret that getting married can be pretty expensive. But tying the knot shouldn’t have your stomach in knots when it comes to footing the bill for a wedding you’ll never forget. The good news is that you can find a myriad of ways to cut costs so you can get hitched without breaking the bank and combining all of these solutions could save you thousands.

1. The Guest List

There’s no doubt you have a who’s who of friends and family that you would like to have at your wedding. But if you’re looking to save some cold hard cash, the first place to look is the guest list. The average cost per guest can get as high as $225 and that takes into account everything from the invite to the meal, not to mention the alcohol. Opting to scale down can boost your savings while still allowing you to enjoy your special day. How you cut down the guest list is entirely up to you, we’re not saying it’s going to be easy but we are saying that you’ll be glad you made some sacrifices. So will your wallet.

2. Hiring the Right Coordinator

One of the biggest misconceptions about planning a wedding is that bringing a wedding coordinator on board will cost the proverbial arm and a leg. But in reality, when you hire a professional to get the job done, you’re actually saving money by avoiding the costly mistakes that can come from couples trying to do all of these things on their own. But even more important is that a good wedding coordinator will have relationships with all of the best vendors and those can equal some pretty great discounts on reservations that will cost full price if you go it alone. Just be sure you’ve hired a reputable coordinator who has been certified by the American Academy of Wedding Professionals or the Association of Bridal Consultants.

3. Pick the Best Date

Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday, so of course, Saturdays are the most expensive when you’re booking a location to hold your wedding. If you plan on going into the evening on a Saturday, the price can get even higher. Another thing to consider is the month you plan to marry. The wedding season ranges from June to December. If you can show a little flexibility on your dates you can save a serious amount of money. Instead of Saturday, think about having your ceremony and reception on a Sunday. Maybe try a Friday evening if Sunday doesn’t work. It’s about getting creative when it comes to finding the best day. Choosing any date in the months of January to May can get you deep discounts on the venue, the catering, even the cake.

4. A Little DIY Doesn’t Hurt

Even if you hire that wedding planner, you should also educate yourself in all of the basics of putting together a wedding like the one you have in mind. This expense can provide you with valuable insight and information and help you cut some costs in other areas because those are things you can handle yourself. The money you save could then be applied to those costs you can’t really avoid paying full price for as you plan.

5. Their Loss, Your Gain

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a lower price on all of the wedding day essentials. You might be faced with making some hard decisions about where to allocate your budget and that could result in sacrificing something you really had your heart set on. Well, you may not need to sacrifice anything with all of the many online resources that are out there providing couples with options to get the things they need at low costs. Do a Google search and you’ll come across sites where you can buy everything from gently used wedding dresses to paraphernalia from weddings that were canceled. You may choose to avoid that idea for fear it may curse your wedding…or you could be practical and pay a lot less to make your wedding great!

6. Pick The Flowers Carefully

Flowers aren’t the bulk of your expense, it’s the person arranging them for you that takes up most of your cost. When it comes to flowers, re-think everything. The bridal bouquet is essential as are the flowers that your family and wedding party will be wearing and remembered in all of the photos from the ceremony. But the flowers for other things like the tables at the reception or floral arrangements surrounding it all can be replaced with low-cost alternatives. So you can save some serious money and still get the flowers you want for your wedding. To get an even deeper discount on the floral aspects of the wedding, go for flowers that are in season as they will be cheaper to get instead of flowers that aren’t in full bloom.

7. The Reception Space

Another opportunity to get creative as you find some alternatives to paying a lot for a venue or hall to hold the reception. But instead, try for a public park outdoors, maybe have it on the beach, or some other meaningful location that won’t be a strain on your finances. You might even opt for an elegant restaurant or a hall in the church where you are already planning on getting married. The sky is the limit when you’re searching for less expensive spaces to hold the reception and finding the right place at the right price can have a positive effect on your budget.

8. Food for Thought

You can always find a way to save some money on the meals. How many weddings have you been to in the past where they served the same boring stuff? Fish, beef, chicken, yawn. Maybe you and your spouse prefer another type of cuisine that might be a little more exotic and a little less expensive. Perhaps you want to have fun with it and serve food with a silly or playful theme that better reflects the personality of you and your beloved.