Author: Gabe Kaplan

6 Ways to Save on Annual Car Expenses and Maintenance

Cars are not cheap. Purchasing a vehicle can be a significant expense that can eat into your bank account each month if you’re financing the car through a loan or if you’re leasing it. But that expense is just for the privilege of owning the car and it’s only the beginning. Cars have additional costs associated with them that can get rather expensive if you’re not careful. They need routine maintenance, gasoline to operate, you’re required to carry car insurance in order to drive legally and that’s another expenditure coming out of your pocket every month or in one...

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6 Major Home Ownership Costs You Need to Prepare For

Owning a home can be a substantial investment of time and money and when you’re looking online to see how much you can afford to spend on a house, you might not be calculating all of your costs correctly. Creating a detailed and accurate budget is the only way to determine if you are really in a position to afford a home, because too many prospective buyers forget to factor in all of the expenses that come with home ownership. Most think that if they can manage the mortgage payment every month, then they are able to afford that...

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What’s the Difference between Marginal vs Effective Tax Rate?

Let’s face it, the tax code isn’t always easy to comprehend. All of those rules, deductions, and lingo can get pretty complicated when you get right down to the definitions and distinctions of the many regulations within our tax laws. One of the more confusing components that trips up average taxpayers is the difference between the effective tax rate and the marginal tax rate. As daunting as it may seem, we’re going to make things a little easier to understand by exploring both the effective and marginal tax rates to better understand what makes them different and how that...

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7 Easy and Effective Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a critical component of your finances. Those three numbers can be the difference between getting approved or denied for everything from a credit card to a loan to an apartment. They can determine whether or not you pay higher rates for the things you want and they can even be that make or break component toward getting hired for an increasing number of employment opportunities. The bottom line is that your credit score can affect so many aspects of your life and if you’re among the millions of Americans who have a damaged credit history,...

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