Author: Gabe Kaplan

5 Huge Mistakes Parents Make When Saving Money for Their Child’s College

If you are planning on paying for your child’s college education, you better get started as soon as possible. Saving that money can be a difficult proposition, made even tougher by parents who don’t realize the pitfalls that lie ahead. Every year it gets increasingly more expensive to obtain a college degree through a traditional four-year program as tuition costs are rising quicker than the rate of inflation. That means you need to be even more dedicated to the task of finding the best methods for saving enough money to cover all of the costs associated with pursuing that...

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How to Save on Your Summer Vacation Without Sacrificing the Fun?

Chances are you’ve worked diligently to save money on every aspect of your summer vacation travel plans. You searched for the best prices on airfare, hotels, even the rental car, and found some pretty great deals across the board. You may have had to adjust your dates just to get the lowest prices on the destination you had in mind. So now that you’ve booked everything and you’re ready to depart you’ve probably set a budget for the trip as well, making sure you don’t go broke while you’re having a good time. But we all know the words...

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How to Prepare for Financial Emergencies

Life comes at you fast and sometimes you can get a pretty hard curveball thrown your way. It might be a medical emergency, a natural disaster, or the loss of a job. Not all financial emergencies are bad however, sometimes your life plans come to fruition early, whether it’s a new member of the family in nine months or an unexpected career change. Whatever life throws at you, it’s good to have your finances in order to meet those challenges head on. But not everyone is ready to handle a financial emergency due to lack of foresight and poor...

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How to Approach the Topic of Money With Your Spouse

Any relationship is going to have its ups and downs, regardless of how well both parties get along with one another. But one of the biggest obstacles responsible for the most break-ups among couples is the issue of finances. It’s a difficult subject to talk about because money is such an essential component of our daily lives. When one party isn’t making as much as the other or the spending has gotten out of control, that can start to create a rift and no matter if you’re dating, living together, or legally married, it can be a tough conflict...

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Should You Consider a Credit Card With an Annual Fee?

With so many credit cards on the market these days, you have a wealth of options in so many categories and the card you ultimately select will be tailored to your spending habits. But it’s becoming more likely the card that best caters to your needs is going to come with an annual fee of some kind. The question is, do you really want a card that has an annual fee? Some cards have pretty hefty annual fees so it’s crucial that you’re getting true value for that cost each year. What type of benefits are you getting out...

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